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5KW Home Power Storage
  • 5KW Home Power Storage5KW Home Power Storage

5KW Home Power Storage

All WOCOR Poweray products include CDK-5kWh 5KW Home Power Storage have been certified to meet regulatory, safety, and environmental standards that meet or exceed market demand. In addition, we are committed to strict quality control, customer service, and reliability that earn the trust of our customers. A home battery and backup system is a great way to provide clean, eco-friendly energy to your entire home this holiday season and throughout the year. And with modular systems, you can add storage batteries or solar panels as needed to keep up with changing energy needs.

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Product Description

If power outages are regular events where you live, you might want to consider installing a set of home power storage to supply you with electricity when you are off the grid like CDK-5kWh 5KW Home Power Storage. The CDK-5kWh 5KW Home Power Storage will give you an energy capacity of 5kWh and has a power rating of 5120W .The CDK-5kWh 5KW Home Power Storage adopt high-performance BMS battery management system to make your energy switch to backup battery power as simple as possible. CDK-5kWh 5KW Home Power Storage has high energy density and conversion efficiency.


Product information

Model name



General Parameters


Battery type

Lithium iron phosphate


Output wave

Pure sine wave


Rated capacity


0.2C after standard charging 0.2 C5 standard discharging

Minimum capacity


Nominal voltage



Expected life

80% of initial capacity

Fistly 0.2C5 constant current charges to 58.4V, then constant voltage charges until current is less than 0.05C

Set aside:30min

Discharging :0.2 C5 to 40.0V


Cycle time 2000 times 100%DOD

End-off discharging




40.0V (recommendation)


End-off charging


≤62.4 V


58.4V (recommendation)


Cells connected





Casing material

Metal casing




Standard charging


0.2C constant current charges to

58.4V and constant voltage to

58.4V, charging until the

charging current≤0.05C


Charging time:about 6 hours




Continuous current:0.2C


End-off voltage:40.0V


Maximum charging




Maximum continuous

discharging current



Peak current



Working temperature


Charging: 0~45℃

Recommendation 23±5℃

Discharging: -10~60℃

Storage temperature


Less than one year: 0~25℃

Humidity range at shipping

state 23 ± 5°

Less than three months:-10~35℃


About 45Kg



Maximum dimension




Width: 80.6cm






Support multiple inverter

Machine in parallel

Support 16 groups n parallel


Protection function

1.Over charging protection 2.over discharging protection

3.temperature protection 4.over current protection 5.short



CE/FCC/ROSH/PSE/UN3.3/MSDS/Dangerous packing certificate



Product Feature And Application of the CDK-5kWh

*Working temperature: 0°C-60°C

* High cycle times and long life

* High energy density and conversion efficiency

* Adopt high-performance BMS battery management system

* There is sufficient insulation safety protection inside the battery

* Recognized green energy, no pollution in the whole production and use process

* Specify the specification level according to the national standard or use higher sensitivity standard to ensure the quality of the battery



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