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Single Phase ESS Hybrid Inverter
  • Single Phase ESS Hybrid InverterSingle Phase ESS Hybrid Inverter

Single Phase ESS Hybrid Inverter

The Single Phase ESS Hybrid Inverter developed by WOCOR Poweray is a continuous power supply that can use solar, AC and battery power, it is a simple multifunctional smart hybrid inverter with an energy storage system. WOCOR single-phase hybrid inverter is suitable for homeowners who want to store energy into the battery for night use or self-use according to demand, at night or during a power outage, it will automatically consume the reserve power of the battery. The Single Phase ESS Hybrid Inverter can make sure that there will never be a power outage. The emergency power supply or "EPS" switch enables the inverter to work completely off the grid, which means that any power you store on the battery will now be used in the event of a power outage, this hybrid photovoltaic systems will reduce dependence on utilities.

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Product Description

WOCOR single-phase ESS hybrid inverter supports simultaneous input of photovoltaic, batteries, diesel generators, power grids, and loads. It has multiple application modes such as self-use, peak-shaving and valley-filling, also backup power. WOCOR single-phase ESS hybrid inverter supports intelligent EMS management function, supports off-grid automatic switching function, ensures uninterrupted power supply when important loads are off-grid. Our single-phase ESS hybrid inverter has high cycle time and long service life. This series is compact in design, high in power density, saves energy, and investment in equipment. It support multi-machine parallel connection, suitable for various applications of home energy storage.


Product Feature And Application of the Single Phase ESS Hybrid Inverter

*Working temperature: -25°C~60°C

* High cycle times and long life

* High energy density and conversion efficiency

* It is more economical to support multiple operating modes

* Support diesel generator access

* Recognized green energy, no pollution in the whole production and use process

* Support full power discharge, automatic management of battery charge and discharge

*Provide multiple working modes according to different needs

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