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WOCOR is a professional China Discharger Motor Manufacturers and China Channel EVSE suppliers. focusing on providing our customers with safer, more stable and more environmental-friendly charging products, as well as systematic and complete product solutions. “WoCor Poweray” is not only a manufacturer for China , is a new energy high-tech enterprise that continuously develops the market with "technology as the core and high quality products and services as the purpose".

This Discharge Motor is the latest invention and have high-quality ETL/FCC/CE/CQC/ certification. The Discharge Motor body box is made of PC94VO material, which has been designed to prevent the product from overheating during use of safety problems and indication of working status very well.

The Discharge Motor can be used with app/blue tooth and 4G scan code. The specifications of (3.5KW) with Discharge Motor can be OEM/ODM according to your needs. Discharge Motor combines with 1.5m electric wire,a charging box and electric gun. The interface have There are European, American and national standard of the Discharge Motor.

WOCOR® look forward to becoming your long-term EV charger partner in China.

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3.5kW Portable Discharge Motor

3.5kW Portable Discharge Motor

This is an 3.5kW Portable Discharge motor and easy to carry,outdoors, picnics and trips use. The app 3.5kW Portable Discharge motor is convenient to portable, stable in performance and has a complete protection mechanism. The LCD indicator light display of the APP 3.5kW Portable Discharge motor can show the charging status. This device has app/blue tooth function that can be adapted to it through you pone. WOCOR® look forward to becoming your long-term 3.5kW Portable Discharge motor partner in china.

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WoCor has been producing Discharger Motor for many years and is one of the professional Discharger Motor manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are aiming to provide low cost and highest quality Discharger Motor to our consumer, and looking forward to work with more and more global brands. Besides, we have obtained some international quality certificate. If you are interested in our products, we will give you a satisfactory price and provide price list. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for consultation and negotiation.
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