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How long does the general outdoor power supply last?


With the hot development of camping activities, and the explosive growth of the energy storage category outdoor power supply has also attracted widespread attention, now many camping enthusiasts will carry out activities with an outdoor power supply, so the outdoor power supply category so much specific how long is its service life?What are the factors that determine the service life of a power supply?

First of all, when we look at the service life of outdoor power supply, we need to distinguish its built-in battery. At present, the commonly used battery cells in the market are ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate, which are similar to the power supply brand Dianxiao II, and most of the products of Zhenghao are ternary lithium, while lithium iron phosphate battery is the royal battery of Baludi.Which of the two cells is better?From the service life point of view or lithium iron phosphate will be longer.

The service life of the power supply depends on the number of cycles. The number of cycles of the general cell is 1500-2000 times, and the battery capacity will be relatively reduced, that is, the life of the battery will begin to fall.The number of cycles of lithium iron phosphate cell can reach 3500+, the service life is about 3-5 times of the general cell, its durability is far more than ternary lithium.

And we usually in the use of power can also be maintained to develop the service life, for example, in the regular power supply in the state of charging and discharging, do not let the power supply for a long time in the state of loss of power otherwise it will cause battery aging, in general, when the power is less than 20%-30%, you can recharge, fill to 90% when you can stop charging.My self-used Platoudi power supply is also maintained in this way. The storage capacity of the battery is still 100 percent after 2 years, which feels very good. After all, the lithium iron phosphate battery is very durable.

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