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What are the advantages of outdoor power?


People have higher requirements for living standards, and they must maintain high-quality life experience even in the outdoors, which promotes the growth of outdoor demand for electricity. Safe and portable outdoor power supply has become a high-quality solution for people to solve the problem of electricity consumption.

When creating an outdoor power supply, it was given a variety of functional designs and superior qualities, enabling it to provide power safety in a variety of environments.In the face of different demand for electricity, can calmly cope with unlimited possibilities.

The outdoor power supply has the characteristics of high power and large capacity, supporting 1000w high power output and 1000wh large capacity, providing a long endurance for a variety of electrical equipment in self-driving travel or camping activities.Can carry rice cooker, electric oven, so that delicious kitchen everywhere;It can also carry projectors, lights and speakers, making it easy for you to host a party outdoors;It can carry on-board refrigerators, ice makers and fans to cool off on hot summer days.

An outdoor power supply can be used as an emergency power supply in addition to being used outdoors.There is no need to panic when the power goes out indoors.Just connect to the outdoor power supply, a key to start, electrical appliances can be used normally.

To ensure power safety, use ul certified lithium batteries for outdoor power supply and install a bms battery protection system inside. The protection mode can be enabled intelligently.

Considering that users can have a good electricity experience, outdoor power supply in addition to the mains charging, can also use the car charger.Users can recharge their outdoor power supply on the go.Plus, with solar panels, you can guarantee continuity of power as long as there is light.

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