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Does the power inverter have an impact on the vehicle?


Under normal circumstances, all normal applications of on-board inverters are harmless to the vehicle's battery. However, if you want to use it to supply power to the car interceptor in the parking lot, remember that you must run the car engine, or it will cause the Automotive battery to lose power, thus damaging the Automotive battery.

The power inverter does not harm the vehicle:

1. Convert the battery on the car from a 12V or 24V DC power source to a usable 220V AC current based on the inverter power source! Choose which inverter power source based on the size of the applied electrical power;

2. The onboard inverter itself can charge the batteries on the mobile phone tablet, which is equivalent to a charger, but different from a charger;

3. Power socket: The inverter power supply is equipped with a power socket, which can provide power to household appliances such as car refrigerators, or sometimes when the laptop runs out of power, it can be used by immediately plugging in the power plug.

The AC voltage connected to the inverter power supply is marked as positive or negative. In general, bright red represents the positive electrode and gray black represents the negative electrode (-). When connecting, it is necessary to connect it positively (red to red) and negatively (black to black). The diameter of the electrode connecting wire cable must be sufficiently thick, and the length of the electrode connecting wire should be minimized as much as possible.

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