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Energy storage system boosts the construction of electric vehicle rapid charging infrastructure


Electric vehicles (EV) will gain more and more market share and eventually replace internal combustion engines. DC fast charging stations will replace or integrate gas stations. Renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy will provide power for them. People will hope to fully charge electric vehicles in less than 15 minutes. They are not willing to wait in line for the only charging pile.

Considering that there are multiple charging piles, the local charging peak power that the grid needs to provide exceeds 1MW. The power grid may collapse at multiple points, or a huge amount of money needs to be invested to improve transmission lines and centralized power plants, and significantly increase the basic load. However, this load is impulsive and must be integrated with intermittent energy generated by renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy.

The energy storage system can solve this problem simply and elegantly. We use gasoline, natural gas and other fuels to store energy and reuse it when needed (such as when refuelling cars). Similarly, we can use electronic and chemical methods to store electric energy in batteries. Then, this energy can be used to increase the charging capacity of electric vehicles, maintain the stability of the power grid by adjusting the peak power, or provide power in case of power failure.

The auto market has begun to change. In 2020, nearly 3 million electric vehicles will be sold, and the total sales of vehicles will exceed 80 million. Although 3 million vehicles seem to belong to a niche market, the forecast shows that the sales of electric vehicles will grow rapidly, reaching 10 million in 2025 and more than 50 million in 2040, with a total sales of 100 million vehicles. This means that by 2040, 50% of the vehicles sold will be all-electric vehicles. For all these cars, simple wall-mounted charging piles should be used at home. For families equipped with solar power generation systems and energy storage batteries, thousands of watts of DC chargers should be used to charge slowly all night; When you go on the street, you can charge quickly through the charging pile or at the future gas station.

We can see that while the electric vehicle market is rising rapidly, the renewable energy power generation market (which has experienced the vigorous development of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in recent years) still maintains a good growth momentum, which is inseparable from the reduction of solar energy system prices by about 80% and the strong decarbonization measures in the past 10 years. Today, solar energy only accounts for less than 5% of global power generation, and is expected to account for more than one third (33%) of global power generation by 2050.

Under the background of intermittent power load in the future, electric vehicles to be recharged and intermittent energy such as solar energy and wind energy will face some challenges, such as how to integrate these emerging players in the energy ecosystem with the grid as the center. Intermittent load demands such as electric vehicles require that transmission line specifications be improved to meet higher peak power demand.

Solar power generation will change the operation mode of centralized power plants to ensure that the power grid is not overloaded; People will demand more convenient power supply, and their own electricity will be more and more supplied by residential solar power generation system.

In the field of new energy, after 20 years of technology and market precipitation, in order to meet the demand, in 2022, The founding team of WoCor Technology decided to establish “WoCor Poweray “Brand-oriented WoCor Poweray Technology Co., Ltd. The company is committed to the Research and Development, Production, Sales and Service of new energy application products. The main products are new energy EV charging Station, On/off-grid inverters, integrated household energy storage systems and system accessories.

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