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How to use the charging pile safely


Nowadays, new energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular and can be seen everywhere. New energy is not only economical and environmentally friendly, but also has sufficient power, but many citizens have not enough understanding of charging safety. As a reference, the charging pile manufacturer summarized the charging precautions in three stages:

1、 Check before charging (check the charging pile and other relevant equipment, keep the fire-fighting equipment and equipment clean and dry, and ensure that the equipment is in good condition)

(1). Do not press heavy objects on the power cord or step on the power cord manually. If the charging line is defective, cracked, worn, damaged or exposed, charging is prohibited.

(2). Check whether there is rain, water and debris on the charging gun, check and clean whether there is water and debris on the charging gun, and clean the gun head before use.

(3). In case of rain, do not charge outdoors to prevent electric leakage. If you need to charge, please pull the gun out of the charging pile, take care not to splash rain on the gun head, and ensure that the gun mouth is downward.

(4). Zhengzhou charging pile manufacturer reminded that the charging process of the charging pile must be read before charging. The charging process of the charging pile varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Please read the charging process carefully to avoid smooth charging.

2、 Charging (ensure that the charging gun head is fully connected to the charging gun base, and ensure that the gun lock is locked. If it is not locked, an abnormality may occur)

(1). Zhengzhou charging pile manufacturer reminds not to use abnormal charging method to suspend charging.

(2). Check the charging information, voltage or current in the vehicle to see whether to start charging.

(3). During the charging process, the vehicle shall not be driven and can only be charged in a static state. In addition, stop the engine before charging the hybrid vehicle.

(4). Do not remove the gun head when charging. Do not touch the charging gun core during charging.

(5). To avoid injury, please keep children away from or use the charging pile during charging.

(6). In case of any problem during use, please immediately press the emergency stop button.

3、 End of charging

(1). After fully charging or charging in advance, first swipe the card to complete the charging, then pull out the charging gun, cover the cap of the charging gun, and hang it on the charging pile. Hang, tidy up and connect cables to wire rack and lock. Charging port and door.

(2). If it rains, make sure the charging gun is facing down and put it back into the charging pile gun base when moving.