Portable EV Charger
  • Portable EV ChargerPortable EV Charger
  • Portable EV ChargerPortable EV Charger
  • Portable EV ChargerPortable EV Charger
  • Portable EV ChargerPortable EV Charger

Portable EV Charger

WOCOR® is a large-scale Portable EV Charger manufacturer and supplier in chin. WOCOR have been specialized in New energy resources nearly 20 years. Our Portable EV Charger have a good functions and price advantage cover most of the European and Asian markets. WOCOR® look forward to becoming your long-term EV charger partner in china.

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Product Description

This Portable EV Charger is the latest invention and have high-quality CE/UL, GB/T,CAS certification. The Portable EV Charger is made of Thermoplastic material, which has been designed to prevent the product from overheating during use of safety problems and reached grade IP54, being easy to carry. The specifications of Portable EV Charger(16A 32A 3.5KW 7KW 3.5KW) with model 2 portable car charger can be OEM/ODM  according to your needs.

Portable EV Charger combines 5m electric wire and a charging interface that accepts AC 240V±10% input voltage, achieving automatic full in short time. The LCD display can show the detailed charging status. The Portable EV Charger can be use with European and American standard.

The Portable EV Charger belongs to the AC charger, and the charging power is generally 7 KW. In order to prevent safety hazards due to incorrect use, please read the equipment manual carefully before use. Do not meet the charging situations. Ensure that the power supply and wiring are in a normal state before use.
1. Do not immerse the device in water 
2. Do not use in an environment that exceeds the operating temperature.
3. Do not put your fingers into the car end plug when the device is connected to the power source.
4. Do not use when the equipment and the cables are found to be damaged.
5. Do not use the device for charging other than electric vehicles.
6. The precautions for use the include but are not limited to those listed above.

Product characteristic 

Convenient Control
TIME: Press the button once means it will charge 1 hour, press 9 times at most.
CURRENT: It can switch 5 current (16A 32A) to charge your car.
DELAY:Press once to delay for 1 hour, you can press 9 times at most.

Adjustable Current
Customers could adjust different current as their request.Also the charger which equipped the adaptor could automatically identify different plug types and control the current upper limit to keep safe.

Type B (Type A + DC 6mA)
WOCOR® original "full link" temperature control system can protect the temperature of 75 ° and cut off the current for 0.2S when temperature over 75°.

Automatically Intelligent Repair

The smart chip is equipped to automatically repair common charging errors. It could also restart the power to protect the device from stopping charge caused by voltage fluctuation.

IP66, Rolling-resistance System
Portable EV Charger thermoplastic material shell which could resist the rolling and crash of the car.
IP66 ensure the perfect work outdoors in any environment including rain and snow.

Temperature Monitoring
Real-time monitor is equipped to detect the temperature of the car-end and the wall-end plugs.
Once the temperature is detected above 50℃, the current will be cut off immediately. When the temperature returns below -30℃, charging will resume off.

Battery Protection
Accurate monitoring of PWM signal changes, Effective repair of capacitor units, Maintenance of battery life.

High Compatibility
Fully compatible with all EV in the market

Product Parameters

Electrical Specification

Working Environment

AC input voltage


Protection degree


AC power frequency

50-60 Hz

Environment temperature



3.5KW/7KW(Three Phase)

Relative humidity

 5%-95% frostless

Output rated current

16A/32A (Three Phase)

Maximum altitude


Charging interface type



Natural air cooling

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