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2000W 4MPPT Single-Phase Microinverter
  • 2000W 4MPPT Single-Phase Microinverter2000W 4MPPT Single-Phase Microinverter

2000W 4MPPT Single-Phase Microinverter

As the world shifts from fossil fuels to clean energy, we are pleased to see the deployment of solar systems accelerate around the world, and our microinverters are also recognized by customers in various regions. Wocor is proud to be your reliable partner as we move together towards our goal of energy independence and a greener future. Efficiently turns sunlight into clean and green power. Our Tiger series 2000W 4MPPT Single-Phase Microinverter employs MPPT technology and digital control. It is designed to provide sufficient power to drive various household appliances. Moreover, it has a prolonged service life given its IP67 waterproof design. The first step on the sustainable energy path is energy conservation, and this inverter aims at achieving exactly this.

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Product Description

WoCor Poweray Tiger series 2000W 4MPPT Single-Phase Microinverter is a device that converts direct current from a single solar module to alternating current. The microinverter converts DC power to AC power from individual solar modules. Each solar cell module is equipped with inverter and converter functions. Each component can independently convert current, hence the name "microinverter". equipment".

The Tiger series 2000W 4MPPT Single-Phase Microinverter, IP67 enclosure rating, effectively prevents rainwater from eroding the surface. The Tiger series 2000W 4MPPT Three-Phase Microinverter is flexible application, could switch to off-grid mode to supply AC power to home devices. Efficient use of the inverter to the power emitted. The Tiger series 2000W 4MPPT Single-Phase Microinverter is a grid-connected solar inverter with 433MHz wireless communication and IP65 waterproof streamline design, converts 20-60 V DC to 220-230 V AC, level of Harmonics Distortion <3%. 

Product information



PV Input Data

Number of MPPT Trackers


Suggested Modules Range


Max. Input DC Voltage


MPPT Operating Voltage Range


Startup Voltage


Overvoltage Class DC Port


DC Port Backfeed Current

0 A

Max. Input Current

4 × 15 A

PV Array Requirement

4x1 Ungrouned array; No Additional PV side protection required

AC Output Data

Peak Output Power


Max. Continuous Output Power


Max. Continuous Output Current


Nominal output voltage


Nominal Frequency/Range


Extended Frequency/Range

45~55Hz / 55~65Hz

AC Short Circuit Current


Max. Units Per Branch Circuit


Overvoltage Class AC Port


Power Factor(Adjustable)

>0.99 Default, 0.8 Leading...0.8 Lagging...

Level of Harmonics Distortion


AC Protection Required

AC output side need 63A circuit breaker(on grid modle)


CEC Weighted Efficiency


Peak Inverter Efficiency


Static MPPT Efficiency


Night Time Power Consumption


Mechanical Data

Operating Ambient Temperature Range

-40 °C to +65 °C(-40 °F to +149 ° F )

Storage Ambinet Temperature

-40 °C to +85 °C(-40 °F to +185° F )

Relative Humidity Range

4% to 100% (condensing)

Connector type: DC





5.2 KG


Natural Convection-No Fans

Approved for Wet Locations


Enclosure Rating


AC Cable Length(Customizable)

Standard 2.5m(customized available)





Support remote web page monitoring and mobile APP by WoCor Poweray Cloud


Inmetro, UL1741, VDE4105, VDE0126, CE,EN50549...

Support off-grid operation and battery mode operation without mains power


Product Feature of the 2000W 4MPPT Single-Phase Microinverter 

Solar panels output voltage <60VDC, decrease the risk of an electrical fire. 
One panel match one MPPT, increase 5-15% power in production vs string inverters. 
Keep each panel to work individually, avoid the impact of partial shadows on the entire solar system 
Independently tracking each of solar panels production, easy to identify each solar panel performs. 
Flexible application, could switch to off-grid mode to supply AC power to home devices. 
Lightweight and compact with plug-and-play connectors, easy to in stall. 
App monitor the running station anytime, anywhere.

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